We take action for the reduction of loss and waste

With an eye towards the future and sustainable development, DELTA voluntarily joins the state, the market and society as a whole in the Alliance for the Reduction of Food Loss and Waste. This was a natural move for the company, as it had been active in this field for years.

The Alliance falls under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy and promotes collaboration between public authorities, professional entities, food and restaurant businesses, organizations of the Citizen’s Society, as well as academic and scientific research entities. The Alliance’s main goal is to inform the public of the scale of food waste and its effects on society, as well the promotion of optimal practices and actions that can be implemented to reduce food waste in Greece. For more info, please click here: https://foodsavingalliancegreece.gr/

As part of this plan, DELTA considers that raising awareness for this issue amongst young people is of paramount importance. For this reason, through the DELTA Information Centre, the company has been implementing “A Voyage to Foodland”, a program-fairy tale targeted at children aged 4-6, whose central theme is proper food storage, prevention of waste and environmental protection.