We care
for our people

One of our daily goals at DELTA is to provide a safe and fair work environment, with equal advancement opportunities, and implement programs for continuous education and development.

We are committed to implementing the most modern methods for the advancement of our employees, offer programs of continuous education and apply modern evaluation and incentive systems. This allows our employees to showcase their skills and further their careers.

We have adopted and implement Vivartia Group’s Corporate Code of Ethics, while we further support our people by voluntarily offering extra benefits.

Ensuring the health and safety of our personnel is a daily task. Our commitment to health and safety is underscored by our Policy, which applies to all production units and facilities.

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19–and with the health and safety of our people in mind–DELTA took immediate steps to combat the pandemic. To this end, we strictly followed all the guidelines set by the National Organization of Public Health and the Ministry of Health.