The public voted and Milko made it possible: yet another court was built, this time in the area of Zografou

Following last June’s renovation of the basketball court in Aghia Varvara with the help of NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo, MILKO and DELTA continues to support youth and sports. As part of MILKO’s Hood Makeover campaign “Do it for Your Neighborhood” yet another brand-new basketball court is ready for to be delivered to the Municipality of Zografou.

This is a modern, safe and user-friendly court, located in an area which had been thoroughly neglected in the past. The renovation was made possible through a voting organized by MILKO, during which the public voted for their favourite sports grounds to be renovated next.

Now, the children who supported their neighborhood by participating in this activity have the chance to play in this wonderful area, which is full of colour: graffiti artist “Same84” has created an awe-inspiring design which includes messages such as “Hold your Head High” and “Make it Real”, and a visual of Milko as a symbol of energy and willpower. In addition to graffiti artist “Same84”, famous rapper Mike and the Antetokounmpo family’s latest star member, Alex Antetokounmpo, took part in the communication campaign.

The implementation was done in cooperation with the Municipality of Zografou, which truly embraced the hood makeover. Upon delivery of the renovated court, Mayor Vasilis Thodas said: “DELTA’s continuous support of basketball in general, and of young players in particular, is very important and of great symbolic value. Congratulations to all the kids who chased their dreams and made them come true.”

Stay tuned, as dreams never stop and MILKO is always here to turn them into reality. Enjoy the film of the court’s renovation by clicking here on this link: