DELTA and its employees support the Athens Nursing Home during this year’s Easter, by offering 70,000 servings.

This Easter, DELTA and its employees offered Athens Nursing Home residents food and handmade, personalized greeting cards.

The past couple of years have been hard on all of us. However, the forced isolation and subsequent lack of human contact, has been especially difficult for the elderly. Throughout this period, DELTA supported the Athens Nursing Home which is home to 120 of our fellow citizens.

This Easter, it was very important for the elderly residents to know that DELTA and its employees remain on their side. Which is why the company offered milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese to cover their basic nutritional needs. Last Tuesday, DELTA employees also volunteered to collect and distribute traditional Easter bakery goods, along with handmade, personalized greeting cards.

In difficult times, DELTA’s Corporate Responsibility is a force that helps to maintain social cohesion. The company is fully aware of its role within Greek society and implements actions that lead to a better tomorrow.


All the above actions took place by closely following all the necessary health protocols that guarantee the safety of both DELTA employees and the elderly.