Our vision

Our vision is to nurture the future of all Greeks through superior quality food, while maintaining our sense of responsibility towards our fellow citizens, society as a whole and the environment.

For over 70 years, we’ve been supporting Greek families throughout the country by offering them superior quality products that satisfy modern nutritional needs. We’re also proud to be ambassadors of Greek nutrition, by offering innovative products that promote Greek well-being to the rest of the world.

Our values


Each new product you hold in your hands is a manifestation of our constant need to offer you the very best. It is also a result of painstaking research by our scientific team. This team continuously monitors the needs of Greek consumers and develops new, innovative ideas.

This way, we can create products that meet your expectations–and find their way into your hearts.



For all of us at DELTA, product safety is a non-negotiable value. We adhere to the strictest rules and quality assurance specifications throughout the process–from raw materials, equipment and manufacturing facilities, to production and distribution of the final product to all points of sale.

Moreover, through an advanced traceability system, each product carries a unique identification, so we can–if needed–trace its origin back to a particular farm or a specific raw material.



For farmers, cow milking is a daily activity. So is the collection of this milk by our people. Each dawn marks the beginning of a route through which fresh milk is delivered to you, in all its wholesomeness.

Needless to say, we’re not alone in this; over 1,100 milk producers assist us in this effort and we’re proud to support them through special agricultural and animal farming sustainability programmes.


From end to end

The people of DELTA–ours and yours–are next to you every day: in small shops, supermarket chains, bakeries, convenience stores and neighborhood DELTA outlets. All across Greece, from one end of the country to the other.

From the remote islands of Othonoi, Kastelorizo and Arki to the border towns of Evros, there’s someone from DELTA providing freshly made products, throughout the year, and in all weather conditions.

Everyone, no matter where they live, should be able to enjoy food of such high nutritional value. And this is what we’ve been delivering for over 70 years.



Aristides Daskalopoulos founds DELTA, a family business comprising 20 employees and 10 vehicles, delivering milk and yoghurt


Ice cream production commences, first with cocoa and vanilla on wooden sticks and, later, Floreal ice cream.


An ever-increasing number of small dairy shops and convenience stores transform into DELTA neighborhood shops.


DELTA launches MILKO while the first TV commercial advertising fresh DELTA milk is aired.


DELTA starts offering fresh milk in the industry-leading Fresh Box packaging. It is also the first dairy company to introduce homogenization, a process which greatly upgrades the end product. Fresh Box packaging and homogenization revolutionizes the dietary habits of Greeks. The rest of the industry follows in DELTA’s footsteps and very quickly homogenized milk takes over evaporated milk in consumer consciousness. This is indeed a new era for fresh milk.


DELTA introduces a new, innovative category in the packaged juice market segment. LIFE, the first refrigerated short-life fresh juice is launched.


DELTA makes a dynamic entry into the yoghurt category, having just inaugurated their state-of-the-art, yoghurt production facility in Aghios Stefanos, Attiki.


DELTA launches VITALINE, an innovative line of yoghurt with fruits. This quickly becomes the most enjoyable way of taking care of ourselves.


DELTA relaunches DELTA Fresh Milk and, once again, breaks new ground by introducing a plastic cap to Fresh Milk’s paper packaging. Our distribution network covers the entire country.


Life TSAI is launched. This is the first ready-to-drink, refrigerated ice-tea.


DELTA Advance, the first fresh milk for babies, is launched. This innovation brings children’s nutrition to a whole new level.


Το Milko μπαίνει σε μπουκάλι και δημιουργείται το «Milkoμπούκαλο».


MILKO becomes available in a bottle. A new word, “Milkobottle”, is born--and becomes widely popular.


DELTA brings innovation to Ultra Pasteurized milk by creating a new, better-tasting milk, through infusion technology.


DELTA expands to northern Greece and inaugurates a new, state-of-the art facility in Sindos-Thessaloniki.


LIFE Kalimera is launched. The entire line is relaunched.


New investment in DELTA’s facility in Sindos-Thessaloniki allows the company to enter the Ultra-Pasteurized milk category by launching DELTA mmmilk Family, available in Tetrapak packaging.


DELTA innovates once again by launching DELTA Advance High-Pasteurized Children’s Milk in 1-litre bottle.


DELTA launches DELTA SMART line, a series of unique products specially formulated to cover the needs of preschoolers.


DELTA enters the vegetal drink market, by launching new, tasteful flavors.


NBA’s Giannis Antetokounmpo stars in the redesigned MILKO advertising campaign.


DELTA launches “Tou Topou Mas”, a new line of milk available in clear plastic bottles, with easy opening and a very practical 20-day shelf life. Because local flavours should travel everywhere.


DELTA launches “Kathimerina Fresko” Milk in new, practical and 100% recyclable packaging.


DELTA launches a new strained yoghurt made from the milk that for 70 years now we find in our tables!

3 Production Facilities & selected farms throughout Greece
DELTA is the largest buyer of cow’s milk in Greece, absorbing 1/5th of all local production. All our products are produced locally, which helps to support the Greek economy as well as the local communities in which we operate.